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#23 23.05.2013 - 12:29 Uhr Arlen Homepage Email
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#21 22.05.2013 - 04:38 Uhr Kelle Homepage Email
70 of 74 men and women discovered the following review valuable Great CPU!
!! Will not be frightened of larger OC temps!!!, Could 1, 2012 Bylawpnoy1 This review is from: Intel Core i7-3770K Quad-Core Processor 3.5 GHz eight MB Cache LGA 1155 BX80637I73770K (Individual Computer systems) -SETUP-CPU: Ivy Bridge i7-3770kHEATSINK: Noctua NH-D14MB: Asus Maximus V GeneGPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 680(OC'd to 1286Mhz core clock & 3400Mhz memory clock. AC Twin Turbo II heat sink put in)MEM: 16GB Mushkin Enhanced Redline 2133Mhz(OC'd to 2400Mhz)SDD: 2x 240GB Mushkin Chronos Deluxe in RAID0PS: Seasonic 1000W 80+ PlatinumCASE: Fractal Design Define Mini-OVERCLOCKING-As we all know, Ivy Bridge runs very hot overclocked when in contrast to its predecessor Sandy Bridge.
Arguments have been made as for the reason of this and it may be due to its newly implemented 3D transistors or due to the fact it uses thermal paste as a conduit between the heat shield and the CPU die or maybe its due to a combination of both. Regardless, In case you strategy to overclock this sucker YOU WILL Need A 3RD PARTY COOLER!

!! Whether it be water cooled or air cooled or even cooled by ln2, do your research and find a good heat sink!Most reviewers are reporting that you can reach a decent overclock of four.6Ghz at around one.275 1.300 volts with temperatures reaching the 85-90C mark during stress tests.
That is deemed NORMAL since Ivy Bridge is a lot more resilient to substantial temperatures than Sandy Bridge. To get safe and to lessen CPU degradation, aim for no much more than 1.5v and MAX load temps ~90C. For your majority of individuals out there, this type of overclock should suffice.
-RESULTS-Currently I am running my CPU at 4.6Ghz at 1.300v to the extra headroom. Here are the temperature results during stress tests:NH-D14 in "normal mode"(~1300RPM)Intel Burn Test: 85-92CLynx: 80-85CAIDA64: 70-75CPrime95: 75-80CNH-D14 in "silent mode"(~900RPM)Intel Burn Test: 90-95CLynx: 85-90CAIDA64: 75-80CPrime95: 80-85CThe temperatures were about 4-5 degrees cooler in normal mode.
-CONCLUSION-In the end, this processor proves to be a true successor to Sandy Bridge due to its functionality increase and lower power consumption; however, these performance increases are marginal at very best. This implies that if you're thinking about upgrading coming from a 2600k or 2700k, do not bother. Unless you absolutely must possess the latest hardware or in case you want features this kind of as integrated PCI-E three.0, USB three.0, larger memory bandwidth, HD 4000 graphics, etc... keep your Sandy Bridge. IMO, you shouldn't upgrade your CPU unless you're at LEAST 2 generations behind. I upgraded coming from a Yorkfield Q9550 and am really happy with the noticeable effectiveness boost. Though temperatures are larger than what we're used to seeing, it doesn't mean that it truly is a bad thing, it truly is just different. So never let high OC temps shy you away from this great piece of hardware. Great product Intel!!! A++-UPDATES-04/29/2012- Bought the product05/02/2012- Managed to get it stable at 1.280 volts at same 4.6Ghz. New temps are all 5C cooler!!!05/17/2012(FINAL)- Reduced to 1.21 volts at similar 4.6Ghz.- Highest load temp was 85C while fans were in silent mode.- Reduced memory clock to stock speed(2133 Mhz), and timings(9-11-10-28) to run prime95 for ~16hrs. Overclocked them back to 2400Mhz 10-12-11-32 after stress testing since they run just fine. No BSODS or random crashes. If I do experience any issues with stability, then I know I must clock the memory back down, otherwise I'll keep the further speed.
- No updates shall be added unless a thing drastic occurs.- Remember, running stress tests on a fresh PC is done only to test stability. In a realistic environment, you will not be running your machine at 100% load 24/7 unless you're folding proteins or one thing. On a normal day of playing games, surfing the internet, listening to music, watching moves, etc... my CPU does not go above 70C and averages around ~60C. Aid other consumers find one of the most helpful testimonials Was this overview valuable for you?
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